Juvenile Offenses

Your Child Has The Right To A Defense

When your child is facing criminal charges, you may not know where to go for help. Does he or she really need a lawyer? The answer is yes. Just as in adult cases, it is important that juveniles have an experienced attorney to protect their rights. Without an attorney, your child will be shuffled through the justice system without an advocate and may suffer consequences that can have lifelong ramifications.We can help. We have successfully handled hundreds of juvenile cases during our careers in matters involving everything from DUI/DWI and drug charges to attempted murder and sexual assault. Call or contact the Law Office of John J. Leunig today to talk with an attorney with extensive experience defending juvenile cases in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We will ensure that your child’s rights are protected throughout the process and that everything is done to obtain the best result possible.

We Will Vigorously Argue Your Child’s Case To The Judge

Juveniles can be charged with any crime, but some of the most common include:

We have an incredible amount of experience in this area and can handle any crime your child is facing. We will fight to keep the case in the juvenile justice system where the focus is primarily on rehabilitation, not just punishment. In certain circumstances in serious cases, the prosecutor may try to get the case moved to adult court. You do not want your child tried in the adult criminal justice system, which is much more punitive and where prison is an option. We have extensive trial experience in this unique area and will fight hard to obtain the best result possible so the consequences to your child are alleviated or minimized.

The most serious consequence in the juvenile justice system is detention in a youth facility. My goal is to keep your child out of detention; probation or home arrest is a better option. When possible, however, we will strive to get the charges reduced or dismissed. If there are underlying issues such as substance abuse, we will assist your family in getting your child the professional help he or she needs.

Let Us Be The Advocate Your Family Needs

This is an area of law where an experienced lawyer with excellent trial and negotiation skills is paramount. We understand that in these cases, we are dealing with what matters most to a parent — his or her child’s welfare — and we also understand that we are often dealing with a fragile young child who is scared and confused. We can successfully navigate your family through the labyrinth of the juvenile justice system and obtain the best result possible.

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