Charged With Homicide? We Need To Begin Your Defense Immediately.

Few things are as devastating as facing homicide/murder charges. The consequences are enormous and will be lifelong. If convicted of murder, a person can spend the rest of his or her life in prison. To fight these serious charges, you will need an experienced, aggressive criminal defense lawyer with trial experience. That’s why you should call the Law Office of John J. Leunig right now. We’ll take the necessary steps in mounting a strategic defense to these serious charges. You need a strong defense attorney on your side from the start. We have the experience and reputation you need to fight murder charges in Minnesota or Wisconsin. Even difficult cases are defensible. In fact, we have negotiated and taken to trial difficult murder and homicide cases, including this one for intentional murder:

“My client, a man in his 20s, got into an altercation with a friend and ended up shooting him nine times inside a van. He fled the state, but was later found and extradited from Washington and charged with intentional murder. I raised self-defense and after an extremely hard-fought trial lasting nearly a month, my client was acquitted.” – Attorney John J. Leunig

A Strategic, Carefully Prepared Defense Is Essential

When building a defense, we thoroughly review police reports and other data, interview witnesses and investigate crime scenes. The resources we have available to us are significant: We work with private investigators, psychiatrists, psychologists, medical doctors, forensic toxicologists and additional experts as necessary. It takes extensive preparation, and we always do the work necessary to defend our clients, including filing motions regarding the admissibility of the evidence in court.

If someone you love is charged with murder, make sure the attorney you hire is someone with vast experience. We take the time and have the network of experts necessary to create a strong defense. You do not want a lawyer who just accepts the first plea the prosecution offers. You need a skilled negotiator and trial lawyer as your advocate who will fight relentlessly for the best outcome possible. We are those attorneys, and we have the record to prove it. We do everything possible to relentlessly fight for reduced charges, a dismissal or an acquittal, if the case goes to trial.

In addition to murder charges, we represent people charged with all types of violent crimes, including felony assault, terroristic threats, domestic assault, manslaughter and criminal vehicular homicide.

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