Sex and Human Trafficking

Sex & Human Trafficking Criminal Defense Lawyer

Sex & human trafficking are serious offenses.

Simply aiding one person in prostitution or sharing in one person’s profits from their prostitution activities can potentially lead to that person being charged with a sex trafficking offense.

These can be difficult cases to handle, but as an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Minneapolis, I’ve helped many people in your shoes and will fight aggresively for you.

What used to simply be referred to as promotion of prostitution or sharing of profits from prostitution activities has recently been re-branded as “sex trafficking” or “human trafficking” by politicians, law enforcement and the media.

This new label coincides with a crack-down on these types of offenses which includes increased enforcement efforts and sting operations.

Minneapolis Criminal Defense Laywer

Our criminal defense lawyer at The Law Office of John J. Leunig work tirelessly to defend people facing sex trafficking charges and have had vast success fighting on behalf of those facing prostitution related crimes.

You need an intelligent criminal defense lawyer on your side to find the flaws in the prosecution’s case and craft a strong defense strategy to put into action.

If law enforcement is alleging you were soliciting a prostitute or acting as a prostitute, our criminal defense lawyer will diligently fight to preserve your rights, record and freedom in those cases as well. Our criminal defense lawyer has also successfully defended against sex crimes such as rape and criminal sexual conduct.

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If you, or a loved one, are facing charges for a prostitution related offense, sex crime or any other offense, call the attorneys at The Law Office of John Leunig, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 952-540-6800 for a free consultation regarding your case.

….I do believe that God guided me through all the Attorney letters, emails and phone calls to meet you. I must admit that neither the implied consent decision or this last plea agreement came as a surprise, I thank you for that. From day one, you were open and honest about what could happen to me leaving a window of optimism open. I’ve also felt from day one a feeling of comfort knowing that the office of John Leunig cares about his clients far beyond the income they generate for you. …It’s hard to find honesty and sincerity nowadays from anyone, but I’ve found that with you, I appreciate that. I will be advertising your law office to all my friends or anyone I run across in the future. Yes, I’d like to be the CEO of the John Leunig Law Office Fan Club. lol.

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