Felony Strangulation

Felony strangulation is most common in domestic assault cases. If a person strangles another during an act of domestic abuse, then the charge becomes one of domestic assault. In domestic cases, Orders for Protection may be put in place to keep an individual away from the alleged victim. If a violation occurs, that could result in an entirely different set of consequences.

If you have been accused of felony strangulation, the Law Office of John J. Leunig can help you by becoming your advocate and answering for the charges against you or an Order for Protection that may be in place. Such cases require an aggressive Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer who can negotiate reduced charges, have them dropped, or who can provide a valid argument in court.

A Results-Oriented Defense

If you are facing possible conviction for felony strangulation, the penalty could consist of fines of up to $5,000 and the prison term could last up to three years. This emphasizes how serious the offense is and how aggressively it is prosecuted. Additional penalties can include anger management counseling, community service, and possible restitution to the victim. In addition to these legal penalties, there are collateral consequences such as a tarnished reputation, having difficulty keeping or finding new work, and even finding a place to live. If a background check is required, a criminal record that consists of a felony, let alone a violent offense, can make moving forward difficult.

Aggressive St. Paul Felony Strangulation Attorneys

Many felony strangulation cases are considered rather weak because the evidence is typically lacking. This doesn’t mean that you don’t need a highly aggressive defense attorney and a strategy to combat the charges with. Weak evidence has to be proven as weak. For example, there are alleged victims that file charges out of anger, revenge, or spite. Many of these cases exist due to child custody issues.

Being that the symptoms of strangulation are the best forms of evidence, their absence can make proving the act difficult. The symptoms include shortness of breath, lightheadedness, and physical markings. It is nearly impossible to secure a conviction if there is no proof that any of the symptoms ever existed.

Even if there are no physical signs or the alleged altercation never took place, it is important to still have a defense attorney by your side. If you try facing the charges by yourself, you may find the legal system overwhelming and this can cause you significant stress. Having an advocate working for you every step of the way makes the process smoother and can increase the chances of an early dismissal or charge reduction.

Contact A Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney

Felony strangulation can be hard to prove, but that doesn’t discount the accusation. The moment you are accused of strangling someone in a domestic dispute or a conflict of any type, you need to contact your attorney as soon as possible so you can receive the best outcome in the matter. It is possible that the charges could be dismissed or reduced so that you pay no penalties or very little. To learn more about how the Law Office of John J. Leunig can help you, call 24/7 at 952-540-6800 for a free consultation.